2020 Nominated Sires

Updated 9-7-2022

Please check the list of sire nominations. There are several sires that have not been nominated. Typically, the sire owner pays the nomination fee, but if the owner doesn’t for some reason, the foal owner is responsible. If there is no nominator name next to the stallion’s name, the sire fee still needs to be paid.

For any questions regarding your horse’s exact status, contact Kelly McFaul.




C. A. Lee III


BKC Valiant Star

BKC Valiant Star

CBMF Burn Notice

CBMF Crown Prince

Julia Hoag

CBMF Over The Moon

CBMF Uprising

William Haines

Cy's First Command

David Lee Miller

Dragonsmeade Spectre

Dressed Up

DSD Esperance

David & Stephanie Draper

ECP Anchor Man

Kevin Schengrund

Faragamo GCH

Terri Sturm

Futurity French Command

Graycliff Tony

Harlan's Balanced Image

Ronald & Lora Skover

HVK Bell Flaire

Ronald & Lora Skover

HVK Courageous Flaire

Robert Morgan

HVK Man About Town

Kevin Schengrund

HVK Noble Mandate

Herbert V. Kohler Jr.

ICF Reasonably Certain

Tom & Colleen Weighill

Indian Creek Highlander

A. Russell & Jeanette Quilhot

Ingate's Eye Of The Tiger

Jake Ryan

JDS Spectacular Flaire

Kimberly Jarvis

JW Standing Tall

Michael Carpenter

King-E Otto B

Ledgefields Jagged Edge

Grace Steere

Leonardo's Cry

Brown/Klein Family

Man In Black

William Haines

Merriehill After Hours

Mi Black Ice

Lori Sargeant

Minion Millennium

Roxanne Sardelli Greenway

MSV Shooting Star

No Contest

Saralin Farm

Noble Flaire

Herbert V. Kohler Jr.

Oregon Country Flash

Terri Sturm

OTM Total Eclipse

Pondview Tres Bien

Queen's Glory Days

Kevin Schengrund

Queen's Glory Days

Janie Denning

Queens Rebel Yell

Dan & Leslie Kelley

Regal Masterpiece

John & Belle Hufferd

RJM Pardon My French

Robert Morgan

Rowenda Boogie On Down

Scott Nevers

Saralin Seabourn

Saralin Farm

SpringMill Superstition

Julie Christopher

Stand And Deliver

SYP High Definition

Town Assets

WVS Thunder Gone Wild

Jim Paden