Auction Bonus & Rewards

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Each year, the Futurity receives a portion of the proceeds from the AMHA/World Morgan Futurity Stallion Service Auction. If a horse’s sire was donated to the auction and wins the futurity class, the owner of that horse, the owner of the stallion and owner of dam are eligible to receive bonus money.


If the horse is a direct result of a breeding purchased at the AMHA/World Morgan Futurity Stallion Service Auction, it will be eligible to compete for the $10,000 Auction Bonus. If the eligible horse wins the futurity class, it wins the bonus. If more than one eligible horse wins their class, the bonus is split evenly. If the bonus is not awarded in the yearling year, it carries over to the two-year-old year, and if not won in that year, it will be carried over to the three-year-old year.

Winners & Payouts

Comprehensive listing of winners and monies earned over the last decade.

WMF Merchandise

Notecards, art prints, custom seat back covers and more to benefit the Futurity.

AMHA/WMF Stallion Service Auction

Every year, this well supported event adds substantial premiums to the WMF jackpots.