Introducing the new AMHECT/WMF Stallion Service Auction

More money for Auction produced foals. More time to bid. More promotion. More incentive for YOU.

The stallion service auction is a definite WIN-WIN for everyone. Through this great partnership, the American Morgan Horse Educational Trust and the World Morgan Futurity has been able to generate many thousands of dollars each year for the betterment of our great breed.

Thanks to the generous stallion owners and the successful bidders who participate in this winning program, we are able to use more money for promotion, give more money back to the stallion owners, give more money to the winning foals, and award more money to the handlers of those winners.

What’s new?

  • The first foal resulting from a service sold at The Stallion Service Auction to win a World Championship in the World Morgan Futurity is eligible to win an AUCTION BONUS of up to $10,000!
  • If the winner is sired by a stallion in the TOP 5 of the auction, a BONUS MULTIPLIER of x2 will increase the potential bonus to $20,000!
  • If the winner is sired by a World Champion Stallion in the auction, another BONUS MULTIPLIER of x2 will increase the potential bonus to $40,000!


  • Extended auction date: Bidding through December 1st
  • Added promotion: Special promotion the first night of the Morgan Grand National, plus a presence at the Superior Sale.
  • No minimum requirement: No fees to participate in the program.
  • World Morgan Futurity Nomination: Your stallion will automatically be nominated to the World Morgan Futurity.
  • Auction Bonus Multipliers: Win up to $40,000 by winning a World Champion with a resulting foal from the auction.
  • NO STALLION NOMINATION FEE: If your stallion service is donated to the SSA, there will be no stallion nomination fee due for foals nominated to the futurity.

For more information, contact AMHA Registrar Erica Eulau at 859-298-3785, or go to